Founder, iBellieve Foundation; Motivational Speaker, and Writer

Simon is the Founder of the iBellieve Foundation. A truly remarkable and inspirational individual, Simon is an advocate for Human Potential, a Role Model for Persons with Disabilities, and a crusader for the rare disease community. As one of 30 people in Canada, and approximately 2000 worldwide born with a condition known as MPS II (mucopolysacharridosis) or Hunter Syndrome, living with MPS II has taught Simon that every moment of life is precious. He continues to learn how people perceive and handle disabilities and he uses this knowledge to lower the barriers and help bring about change.

Receiving his degree in Sports Administration at the University of Victoria in June 2002, Simon is also a sought after speaker on human potential and overcoming obstacles. He has been awarded the Spirit of Sport Story of the Year Award at the 2003 Canadian Sport Awards, the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Commemorative Medal for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second as well as the 2012 St. Michaels University School Distinguished Alumni Award and 2012 University of Victoria Distinguished Alumni Award.